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avid adj
1 (often followed by `for') ardently or excessively desirous; "avid for adventure"; "an avid ambition to succeed"; "fierce devouring affection"; "the esurient eyes of an avid curiosity"; "greedy for fame" [syn: devouring(a), esurient, greedy]
2 marked by active interest and enthusiasm; "an avid sports fan"; "a great walker"; "an eager beaver" [syn: great, eager, zealous]

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  1. enthusiastic; passionate; longing eagerly; eager; greedy
    I'm an avid reader.


  • 1996, Janette Turner Hospital, Oyster, Virago Press, paperback edition, page 3
    We waited for something to happen, for anything to happen, we were avid for some event to unfold itself out of the burning nothing to save us.


enthusiastic; passionate; longing eagerly; eager; greedy

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Avid Technology, Inc () is an American company specializing in video and audio production technology; specifically, digital non-linear editing (NLE) systems, management and distribution services. It was created in 1987 and became a publicly traded company in 1993. Avid is headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
Avid products are now used in the television and video industry to create television shows, feature films, and commercials. Media Composer is Avid's flagship product, with HD capability at a price within the range of serious non-professionals, and can handle 1080i content from camcorders such as the Sony FX1 or Z1.

Non-Linear Editing

Films are generally edited by making a digital transfer from and using this during the editing process. An EDL (edit decision list) is then output from the editing software, which is used to produce cuts and dissolves in the actual film using automated equipment. Increasingly though, movies are beginning to be output digitally in high resolution (1080 or 2160 lines) to make Computer-generated imagery (CGI) possible, and cinemas are beginning to shift towards digital projection, so that it seems likely that photographic film will eventually be eliminated from the process altogether, with movies being delivered either by satellite link or on hard disk.


Founded by a marketing manager from Apollo Computer, Inc., William J. Warner, a prototype of their first digital nonlinear editing system (the Avid/1) was shown in a private suite at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in April 1988. The Avid/1 was based around an Apple Macintosh II computer, with special hardware and software of Avid's own design installed.
A version of the nonlinear editing software was developed by George Lucas, titled the "Edit Droid." This software was later bought by Avid.
At the NAB show in April of 1989, the Avid/1 was publicly introduced. By the early 1990s, Avid products began to replace such tools as the Moviola, Steenbeck, and KEM flatbed editors, allowing editors to handle their film creations with greater ease. In 1994 only two feature films used the new digital editing system. By 1995 dozens had switched to Avid, and it signaled the beginning of the end of cutting celluloid. In 1996 Walter Murch accepted the Academy Award for editing The English Patient (which also won best picture), which he cut on the Avid. This was the first Editing Oscar awarded to a digitally-edited film.
In 1994 Avid introduced Open Media Framework (OMF) as an open standard file format for sharing media and related metadata. In recent years the company has extended its business expertise towards the storage and management of media files, and in 2006 Avid launched new products such as Avid Interplay and Unity Isis.
In the past, Avid has released home versions of their professional line of editors, such as Xpress DV and Xpress Pro. Additionally, Avid Free DV was available as a free download, providing an introduction to the Media Composer interface, but in a limited version. All of these have now been discontinued.


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